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How to Find Complete Spiritual Healing


In our lives, there are positive and negative experiences. One would say without the salt, you wouldn’t know the sweetness of sugar. Spirituality allows us to absorb the ebbs and flows of life without letting it define us in any way. The depth of our soul truly knows who we are and what we stand for. Especially when something traumatic has occurred in our life, it has a way of allowing us to find emotional spiritual healing. Perhaps you’ve been victim of someone cursing you, in which case you may have had some black magic healing. Your black magic healer may have followed up with ways on how to heal yourself spiritually. If you’re on a journey of how to become more spiritual, there are several energy healing techniques that will assist you in achieving your full potential.

If you’ve ever witnessed the peace in the eyes of famous spiritual healers, you already know the benefits of spirituality. People like the Dali Lhama had many obstacles to overcome and yet they have the peace within that moves people all over the world. Spirituality is untouched by the outside elements of life, you find that home and security within. There are varieties of ways of how to be a spiritual person, it’s a matter of finding what will work for you. With many books on spiritual healing, you can find a guidance system that suits your beliefs. Free healing music and healing meditation techniques are available online and can guide you into tapping into your deeper self. There are many resources online such as Christian spiritual healing and spiritual healing in Islam to give a few examples. Finding a heal prayer that resonates with you can be very powerful. Chakras healing and healing magnets are just some examples of the methods you can utilize in order to tap into your inner spirituality.

One of the most powerful tools you have is healing through meditation. When you come to your own center and find the silence, you can listen to your body. You may find that there is a lot of tension that you will first need to release. Feeling the stress or the pain that is sitting within your body allows you to face the dragons within. When you can name your negative feelings, they begin to lose their power over you. In order to find complete spiritual healing, you first need to find that part of yourself. The deepest self and your inner longings have always been there but it takes listening to it that will bring the change you need to heal. When you listen to this part of yourself, you find out what is in need of healing. You also find what your heart is yearning for in life. It takes courage to look within in this way but the rewards are well worth it. Complete spiritual healing will lead you to a path where there is no resistance. You will know what you want and will not fear attaining it for yourself. Be courageous through your journey and know that pain is thought to be fear leaving the body. Be patient and gentle with yourself in your efforts to finding complete spiritual healing within. Visit the home of Talal to learn more about black magic healing solutions.

Becoming a Spiritual Healer after Black Magic


When you’ve had black magic in your life, it is likely that you learned a lot about yourself and perhaps even sensed the negative energy. If you’ve ever read an article on spirituality, you may have noted that there are often things we need to overcome to achieve peace. When you found the black magic cure, you likely felt the shift of energy. The battle that you have overcome puts you in alignment to understand how to heal yourself and potentially others.

It is very important to understand that few certain people in this world have specific God given spiritual healing capabilities to deal with evil entities from the spirit world. It is very dangerous for anyone who does not have this particular gift to try and heal problems pertaining to these matters. It could result in hurting yourself or the one you are trying to help.  It is very important these situations are only dealt with by a God gifted healer with the knowledge and experience that is needed to break black magic, perform exorcisms and anything else having to do with ridding of evil entities.

The first step in your journey to becoming a spiritual healer would be to first heal yourself after the black magic removal. When we define spiritual health, it is to know your purpose in life, beliefs and morals. You practice compassion towards yourself and for other beings on earth. Opening yourself up to these ideas, perhaps through chakras healing or a god healing prayer will bring you closer to complete spiritual healing. If you’ve never focused on healing spiritually, you may need a guide in the beginning to give you a clear path. There are healing centres all over the world, you can incorporate it into a holiday or just find a centre in your local area. Being around people that are open to healing themselves spiritually can make you feel a part of the universe. There is no one way on how to heal yourself spiritually so look for things that resonate with you. Find prayers for spiritual healing or seek out spiritual advisors that can further enhance your knowledge of spiritual healing methods. When you’re healing spiritually, the cup of joy that lives within you will begin to overflow. When this happens, you may decide to start using your knowledge of how to do spiritual healing.

There will always be a need for spiritual guides and masters and through your own personal struggles and triumphs, you may have acquired the spiritual gift of healing. You have seen the following famous spiritual healers have and the respect they’re given. They create a beneficial change to the world and liberate people’s souls in a time we are all looking for answers. You can take your experience and pay that forward to people you care about. Offer energy healing techniques that helped you in your journey. If you have a prayer that helped, give a god healing prayer or provide spiritual affirmations to those you know are in need of it. Be patient while people are healing spiritually and remember that at one time you also struggled.

Becoming a spiritual healer may be your calling for a new chapter in your life after a bout with black magic. There is a saying that if we are patient and wait, we will find compensation in every disappointment. Perhaps the times of turmoil you experienced were part of your path to becoming more spiritual and helping others. A deeply fulfilling path that will continue to fill your cup of joy and compassion in life. You are still able to heal yourself spiritually when you help others as we will always be a work in progress no matter how liberated we are. Assisting others brings a fullness and connection to your experience as a being on earth. Enjoy the journey of unpredictability and wherever possible, help those in need of spiritual healing. For more information on diagnosing problems of the spirit realm visit the home of Talal.

Emotional Spiritual Healing after the Removal of Black Magic


If you have gone through a period of your life where you’ve experienced black magic, you know intrinsically that it can cause trauma and trouble in your life. Once the black magic spell has been removed, you may have to pick up the pieces. Perhaps you have a lost a deeply loved one, were unable to keep your job or had your finances dwindle. Whatever the outcome of your black magic spell, there is nowhere else but forward to look. It is time to get your life back and plant the seeds of prosperity you deserve to have. Some call it black magic healing while others consider it to be emotional spiritual healing, either way it is a powerful way to make your life beautiful again. If you had the strength to find a means for the removal of black magic, you owe it to yourself to now find the inner peace you need with spiritual healing. Whatever you wish to have in the external world is all an inside job now.

There are many types of spiritual healing options to help you feed your soul. If it’s self healing you feel most comfortable with, there are spiritual healing books that can guide you step by step on your new and positive journey. There are many authors and religious disciplines you can work with.  Find your belief system and someone that resonates with you.  When you have the opportunity to relax and center yourself, spiritual healing music can soothe and cleanse simultaneously. You can listen to it while you take a bath, taking a walk or before going to bed. It is a powerful exercise to create spiritual affirmations for yourself such as “I am healing every day” or “I am strong and powerful and will overcome all obstacles.” Spiritual healing techniques such as meditation and yoga can help you find that center within yourself again. Create a quiet sanctuary within your home that you want to spend time in. You may not feel the benefits right away but if you stick with the discipline of meditation, you will find that peace as well as answers you seek.

If you feel like you might need more assistance on your journey, there are also spiritual therapists available. You may need that spiritual motivation and professional advice to gain the spiritual healing you require. To get a fresh start, you may wish to find someone that can perform a total spiritual cleanse on you in order to clean out the toxic energy. If you feel uncomfortable or different in your home, you may need a spiritual house cleanse. Prior to the removal of black magic, there may have been some negative energy stored in your home. Getting rid of this stagnant, negative energy is likely going to make you feel better instantly. With all of these means of spiritual assistance, there are long distance healers like Talal that can assist you or you can find someone in your area to help you in person.

Spiritual inner healing is the foundation to receive everything you want in life. If you have lost important parts of your life or just simply stopped being happy, spiritual self healing is the beginning to gaining back what you desire. If you practice daily, you will begin to feel the wholeness of yourself come back. You will feel a sense of bliss and love that perhaps you have never felt before. From this point, positive things will begin to happen and you can continue forward. This work is an inside job and sometimes what we are unable to see is difficult to believe. Don’t be deterred if you can’t see the light right away. It will come if you continue to nurture your soul. Believe in the process and the ability you have, be courageous enough to push forward. The hard work you put in will pay you many dividends in the end. To learn more about breaking black magic visit the home of Talal for a free black magic check.

Chakras Healing to Gain Your Life Back after Black Magic Removal


If you’ve been in a situation recently where you had a black magic spell on you, you may be in need of the spiritual gift of healing. Once you’ve had the cure for black magic, finding some energy healing techniques can allow you to center and find your roots again. There are many methods of spiritual healing with chakras healing being one of them. It is a wonderful way to tap into the energy flow of your body and start feeling good again. It can create complete spiritual healing as it works with energy centres in the body, allowing energy to flow through once again.

There are 7 chakras within the body and if they aren’t flowing properly, you may experience illness in the mind, body and soul. Every chakra is equally as important as the next as they control functions within the body and work together for total spiritual healing. When you’ve gone through the trauma of a black magic spell put on you, it’s very likely that your deep inner self has some healing to do. You may find your black magic healer telling you of the importance of spiritual inner healing once they’ve removed black magic from your life. Cleansing the chakras is just one alternative on how to heal yourself spiritually.

The Root Chakra is the foundation of our body and what keeps us grounded. It maintains harmony within us that perhaps we lost when we had a black magic curse on our life. If it’s closed off, we may feel insecure and tense. Feelings of terror can occur and waves of emotions create a need to defend our survival. The Root Chakra sits at the base of the spine close to the tailbone and is what connects us to the physical world. It’s important to tend to the Root Chakra prior to the other energy points for its grounding capabilities. Cleansing and opening the Root Chakra will help you find clarity when you are feeling lost after a black magic spell. Recommended exercises to help open the Root Chakra include meditation, Yoga, Capoeira, Tai Chi and Pilates. They are movements that make you focus on one body part at a time and allow for healing spiritually.

The Sacral Chakra is the seat of emotions and centre for our experiences that are associated with love and hate. The Root Chakra feeds its filtered universal energy directly to the Sacral Chakra. It influences how we express our emotions and make decisions. A balanced Sacral Chakra allows us to express our emotions in a healthy way. It’s powerful to our reality, regardless of good or bad as it lets us live a happy life or gives us the ability to accept change. Ambition, life and creativity are cut off when this chakra is closed. Addiction may be more prevalent in your life, healthy relationships may dwindle and love goes unmet. Food that nurtures the Sacral Chakra includes fruit such as melons, strawberries and coconuts. Being near running water or a creek is a powerful tool for cleansing. A Sacral Chakra opener exercise is to sit in a comfortable position while you inhale and push the tip of your spine backwards.

The Solar Plexus Chakra or Manipura sits above our naval and reaches to the solar plexus. It is the centre of our body and being. Manipura translates to the “City of Gems where bliss, self-assurance and knowledge take precedence. That gut feeling you may have experienced in the past is the solar plexus chakra at work. After black magic has been in your life, you may naturally feel critical of others, feels depressed or anxious. Opening back up the third chakra will allow you to experience selfless love and in turn receiving more respect and understanding from others. Surround yourself with the color yellow and eat foods like bananas, grains and seeds. The Manipura Chakra opens up to visualization, a powerful spiritual healing method. Visualize a brilliant yellow sunflower floating directly over you.

The Heart Chakra

In the heart center is where the Heart Chakra sits. When the heart chakra is open, your life is full of love and the energy within you is so powerful you have the ability to touch everyone around you in a positive way. When someone has been able to break black magic that was creating havoc in your life, you may find yourself feeling closed off emotionally. This may be due to the sensitive heart chakra shutting down which is usually the spring within us that feels love, compassion and joy. If you’re feeling shy or not open to the world and are feeling lonely, there may be some work to do within the heart center. The heart chakra responds positively to the color green. Mentally picturing the color green as you practice yoga or meditation is a powerful practice and a part of spiritual self healing. Being outside and being in nature while you use your senses to take in the sounds and smells is deeply powerful.

The throat chakra enhances your spirituality aspects and guides you in seeking truths. It allows you to express yourself freely and find your voice. It creates integrity and honor in yourself and allows you to speak your truth in a way people will listen. If you’re experiencing self-doubt excessively, it may be due to the throat chakra being closed off. The throat chakra is a filter to how your life is going to be so it’s essential that it is open and cleansed. Surround yourself with blue and eat foods like apples and oranges with water also being an essential component. A simple breathing exercise can relax the throat and open up the chakra. Take a deep breath in to the stomach and see your belly as a balloon which you are filling with clean, healing air. Let your breath out slowly.

The crown chakra is associated with our brain and nervous system and is our connection to our souls and everything spiritual. If your crown chakra is closed off, you will experience a disconnect to your soul. Empathy is lacked and you feel alone in the world. When your crown chakra is open, you feel a divinity with the world with complete faith in the universes inner workings. Having the colors violet and white near you are of  great assistance. Meditation is a key way to keep the crown chakra open and drinking water is highly recommended.

The last of the chakras, the third eye chakra is your sixth sense. It is what connects you to your inner intuition. Your psychic abilities and wisdom come from this chakra. You have clearer thinking and focus with an open third eye chakra which makes all your ventures successful ones. The third eye brings your logical and creative mind together, allowing you to see things just as they are. This in turn gives you peace and a sense of bliss. Ways to nurture your third eye include daily meditations that enhance your intuition. Foods high in Omega 3 fatty acids are recommended. Visit the home of Talal Zoabi to learn about black magic removal.

A New Beginning After Black Magic and Possession

If you’ve fallen victim to black magic, chances are you were unable to obtain spiritual healing prior to the breaking of the spell. Perhaps you are finding it difficult to open up to people and experience life fully again. When you were under the black magic spell, the fear that you were feeling likely took control of your life. Any energy that you still had was spent on getting rid of the black magic that plagued you. Once you’ve received the remedy for black magic, it will be time to start a new exciting chapter. It is with great hope that you can immediately feel the delight of freedom once you’ve received a cure for black magic.

Spiritual inner healing can be a powerful strategy to move forward with your life. When you can take the time and appreciate the spaciousness of your existence, you’ll realize the gift you’ve been given by the breaking of black magic. Take the time to look within yourself and ask yourself what you really want. What are your dreams and goals, imagine how those things would feel to you if you obtained them. Believe that everything you’ve ever wanted is possible and don’t let go of that hope. Some helpful spiritual healing tools such as visualization and meditation can assist you in finding your way to true bliss and happiness. You have the opportunity to obtain all of the beautiful things life offers. Allow yourself to be fulfilled with the miracles and goodness of living again.

You may want to find a spiritual healer that can guide and inspire you along in your journey. Attend some yoga classes and take in the positive energy. Think about what you really want to have in life now that there’s nothing to hold you back. Allow yourself to live out the dreams that were once maybe not possible. Reflect on how the black magic held you back from truly living fully. You have no limits anymore except the limits you may put on yourself. Living in a higher frequency of good feelings is going to bring all of the good you can imagine.

Don’t forget how far you’ve come on your personal journey. Honor the gift of life that has been given back to you with the expelling of black magic that was holding you down. The darkness has dissipated and now you have only light to let back in. Acknowledge your fears but don’t wallow in them. By looking fear in the eye, you will diminish its power over you. You’ll be able to rationalize that there’s nothing to be afraid of any longer. Know that you are strong and your experiences with black magic have made you even stronger. Visit the home of  Talal Zoabi for a permanent cure.

We Cherish Every Thank You!

It is always so rewarding to be a part of changing people’s lives. It is always heart breaking when anyone contacts us and after doing the free black magic check and learning that much of a person’s suffering was due to black magic. Thank you for the nice words and taking the time to write about your experience with Talal. These Testimonies we will always cherish. Thank you.

Canada, Male
I am grateful to have found an honest healer like Talal Zoabi using the internet, and contacting him, he confirmed I had a spiritual problem in a form of black magic. Talal was spot-on in his diagnosis, explaining how the black magic was affecting me and how he can help.
Talal had worked for two weeks, using positive, religious energy to break the black magic (genuine healers will NOT use magic to break magic). He mailed me some talismans and I had some instructions to follow. Talal was kind enough to include protection for our family in his work!
Kristen had been fantastic in answering the questions I had, and caring about my well-being. She would support me when I had concerns or needed guidance.
Now, I am feeling much better since Talal finished working with me, and I continue to see improvements in my health. I am more calm and much more satisfied. I have an improved positive ego, and most of all, I have regained my freewill – !
I cannot stress how thankful I am to have connected with such good-hearted people – who helped me in my hour of need. Thank You Talal & Kristen!

USA, Female
My life is now very different, since Talal performed the black magic break. When I contacted Talal and Kristen, I did not provide any information as to what was going on in my life, but he identified the two big issues in my mind. Before the break, I was just about to graduate from a prestigious graduate program but could not get an interview, my husband and I fought constantly, and I had health issues that always cropped up at the most inconvenient time. Now, I have gotten more interview requests than I can keep up with, my husband and I don’t fight all the time, and my health is back on track. Thank you.

You can read more great testimonies on Talal’s website at

A Very Important Thank You to Understand.

Every day we have many, many people contacting Talal to do the free black magic check.  Most people that have contacted us have contacted other people and other websites in the past that claim to break black magic.  Unfortunately, with the statistics I have gathered from all of our clients,  people looking for help in this situation are very likely to be taken advantage of. Lots of times paying allot of money for nothing and many times Talal has found that the original black magic has gotten worse because someone tried to break the original black magic in a black magic way which is a very bad thing.  I received a message this morning from someone who had Talal check if they had black magic. I thought it was very important to share because it brought up the thought of how many people think they have black magic and they actually do not.  These people can go to the wrong people for help and then actually pay to have black magic put on themselves without knowing or just pay for nothing.  I thought I would share this message because sometimes I come across people that do not have black magic and are so convinced they do and they end up getting themselves in trouble. Or people that do have black magic and are convinced every life problem is from the black magic and won’t listen otherwise and actually have a medical condition they have been ignoring because they have gone to the doctor and the doctor said everything was fine.  Doctors are not always right and additional doctor opinions are important if you have had an ongoing problem and it is not related to black magic. Also, black magic can cause stress to someone making them have a medical condition which needs to be treated medically. To get back to my point, I am sharing this message I received this morning to give hope for those who have had their black magic check and Talal found they did not have black magic on them.

geralt / Pixabay

“I know its a very late reply, but I just wanted to say how much I appreciated your honest and candid response.
When you are in tons of trouble, you just try to find the reason behind. Its like going to a doctor, the right diagnose is needed to find a cure. And I was hoping that black magic be the cause, so that it could be cured. After your response, I was again left clueless. But I have found other natural reasons which are affecting me. I’m continuing my battles…
Again.. thanks a bunch for your honest response. “

A Great Story From Canada. Thank you for taking the time to write your experience.

Thank you Talal Zoabi!!!!

I honestly do not know where to begin, I am speechless. We go through life bombarded by evil without really realizing it. I grew up in a healthy household, emotionally, mentally and physically, my parents taught us about our faith, and I always held it close to my heart, please bear in mind, I was born and raised in Canada. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that there was “black magic”, never heard of the term and never thought that people would actually do something like this, casting dark entities around someone, this was the farthest from my mind and obviously farthest from my faith.

I’ve always had everything, our parents worked very hard to establish a good life for us. Once of employment age (15), I began working part-time after school to make my own income, become independent of my parents and I have never ever been down and out. I got married at the age of 22, bought a house at age 26 and already had a first born by then, I had a great job with a good income. A year to two years into the marriage suddenly things started to go wrong. I lost my job, got divorced, lost my home, lost my son, lost my friends and immediate family. I moved to another province within Canada to begin a new life. During this journey, I had many “psychics” tell me that there is something blocking my path and that I should be quite wealthy at this time of my life. It is now 25 years later and looking back, these psychics were actually right, so many situations, when looking back, would start up and then suddenly falter, something would go wrong and it seemed like an endless cycle that would never ever change, at times, I felt I was spinning around and around without getting ahead and or anywhere.

Finally, I began to pray. I prayed so hard that it was emotional, I had a conversation with God and asked him to send someone to help, but not “Just Someone”.  I specifically asked for someone from the Holy Land. And, he sent Talal and Kirsten. Here is why I begin my testimonial by saying “I am speechless”. Talal looked into my situation and found that there was black magic done on me to have bad luck, have negative relationships, and become ill. Trust me when I say this, there are people in this world which practice black magic and wish others ill fate. I never thought this way, never ever in my wildest dreams! Along this path of life, I had come across people like this, but thought that they were crazy. In reality and as I have learned that this is like a religion, it is a faith that these people follow, practice and it is REAL!

Since working with Talal and Kirsten, I felt like a load of something is off of my shoulders, I reflected about my life, at times I felt so sad and at times, I felt relieved, that finally I have met someone with a true heart and has taken the time to understand my situation and to help me. When someone tells you to believe in miracles, believe in them because miracles are real, God answered my prayer. Therefore, I believe in miracles happening, Talal and Kirsten are real miracles from God. They are honest, they are not a scam. There is never a day since meeting them, that I do not pray for them to be protected. My life has changed and I know it will continue to become just as it was intended to be, full of peace and love, full of happiness, and full of prosperity. This was all taken away from me 25 years ago, and bless Talal for coming into my life to help. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Always and forever my friend, my brother, my mentor. I highly recommend that if you are experiencing anything to contact Talal and Kirsten, more people to know about this miracle and his gift.

Another Great Testimony. Thanks For The Kind Words!

Talizulogo3 jpg309-250

Firstly, I want to thank Talal and Kristen for saving my family and my life. This year had been an uphill battle between myself and my family.  I felt that my depression wasn’t normal. I experienced non-stop negative thoughts, suicide, low-esteem, and anti-social issues. Every day, I didn’t know why I hate people so much until the truth came out in August. The psychic specified that I had black magic during my spiritual reading. She wanted to charge me $1800.00 to have it removed. In addition, she wanted me participate in rituals and meditation for 21 days. In my intuition, I felt that she wasn’t the one to break my black magic.

At times, my husband and I will argue for no reason. Sometimes, we argued on how we plan our family events. One time I admitted that I wanted to be with someone else and wanted a divorce. Subconsciously, men will talk to me, ask me out or wanted to have a relationship with me. As a wife, it was hard to stop flirting and not to pursue further into other relationships. Almost, I cheated on my husband which I will regret later on. I felt like my soul was trapped in pain, like I didn’t have no soul or purpose in life.

There were other experiences such as a risk of job termination, emotional balance during menstrual periods, unclear vision (gray smoke) when I wake up, anxiety, excessive spending and isolation from the people that I love wholeheartedly. I wasn’t being myself which sucks the most. I experienced a termination in 2006, a layoff in 2009 and scrambling jobs between those times when the economy was in recession.

As I researched the website, I wanted to have second opinion about the cost of black magic. I was on vacation and found Talal’s website right away. I send an e-mail about a second opinion and confirm that I had black magic. Suddenly, Kristen responded back with ease. She was trustworthy and pleasant which grabbed my attention. In my heart, I felt like that this was my end mission to this black magic. She was straight to the point, I had black magic for 5-6 years which made sense and what type of magic that I was experiencing. In my life experience, not everyone is your friend. During my analysis, Talal charged $600.00 which was affordable compared to 1800.00. If the cost was 1800.00, I would have paid it because they were good people. Talal  didn’t charge for the life time protection for my family so we will never have to experience this evil nightmare again. When the spell was broke, I noticed that there was brightness in my family relationship with my husband, good recognition at my job and my soul living in peace. Without these two people, my life would have had ended. Yes, you pay a lot of money but this is a lifetime change for the better. At first, I thought there were not good people out in the world but there are good people despite of bad people. I love you guys.

Thank you!!!

geralt / Pixabay

It’s been so busy here and I just realized it has already been a few months since our last post.  Here are a few more testimonies from our great clients. You can also visit to read many more stories from Talal’s clients.


I am so grateful to have discovered Talal and Kristen entirely by chance during a very difficult phase in my life. I had struggled with black magic for almost three years, and had worked with countless people who assured me they could remove it – and prevent it from coming back. I invested tens of thousands of dollars with little to no result, and I did not know where to turn to resolve these issues. I was devastated and did not know who I could trust, or how to move forward. When I discovered Talal’s website, and reviewed his approach, I knew I needed to investigate this avenue. I had so much fear and concern, I wanted to do extensive diligence before I made a decision. I called Kristen early in the morning, and immediately knew this was a trustworthy person. She explained the entire process to me, and directed me to testimonials on the website for additional information. There was no pressure. I was so desperate for the black magic check, she asked Talal to perform it right away. When he confirmed my issue, I paid 800 dollars to have him address it – and take it away permanently. I was so grateful that I didn’t have to spend thousands more. Kristen worked with me everyday to ensure I had all the instructions, and to address every question along the way. I followed everything to the letter because I did not want any risk or mistakes. She kept me up-to-date on Talal’s progress, and went above and beyond to courier my specially-made Talisman to me at the exact date I needed it – before a brief vacation. I am extremely grateful for their help and feel the difference Talal’s work has made in my life. There was no additional request for money once the work was complete, and they continue to check in on me. They also helped to protect two people I love very much at no extra cost – even for the Talismen. Again, these were provided to me exactly when I needed them. I am so thankful I found them. They are wonderful, God-sent people and I believe in them. Thank you for everything Talal and Kristen – and God bless.
A very grateful client in Canada


Testimony – Mature Female / South Africa 

Words cannot explain enough how grateful I am to have found Talal and for his work of breaking my black magic which I struggled with for many years. Thank you Talal for your blessed work – your honesty and beautiful spirit. Thank you also Kristen for your perception, compassion and sharing nature. 
During my struggle with black magic I consulted many clerics, medics and so-called healers. The clerics either thought I was telling lies, exaggerating about the bad things that I was experiencing, refused to pray with or for me or handed me religious medals as a means to have me leave their premises.
I consulted many medical specialists, institutions and consultations, whom could not find anything wrong with me physically, in spite of me resulting in body pimples and a terrible itch from head to toe day after day. This resulted in an entire body rash, with skin sensitivity to touch.
With the so-called healers, I spent more money than with all of the more than 25 medical specialists and other doctors. Some of them disappeared with my money, others claimed that they could assist me but only made my situation worse, whilst at the same time exposing myself and my family to dangerous procedures that could have resulted in serious tragedy. As time went by, my days became dark with bad experiences and my nights were a time that I feared most, as I would not know what bad thing would happen to me next.
Months and years went by and I still had not found a solution to all this bad luck and bad experiences, and my daily life became a battlefield not only in my mind but it was my reality. I started to notice how my family was experiencing almost similar bad and strange things.
I had a day- to- day lifestyle which was productive and well structured. This all changed drastically from being a self employed very busy and successful women, to having lost every asset that I had worked for, owned and inherited in a time frame of a couple of weeks.
My accomplished and structured lifestyle took a sudden downward spiral, and life for me changed completely for many, many years. A 50+ year- old successful and established business which I had managed most of my life, came to a complete standstill. The house that I had lived in for 20 years and more had become a wreck. A securely wall-mounted unit, wrenched out of the wall and fell upon me. Every major appliance and electronic device within the house broke beyond repair. A fleet of vehicles that I had successfully managed for many years, became irreparable. I suffered many losses, and I experienced many strange things like, large amounts of monies disappearing out of a locked safe. Keys disappearing without being displaced and being found in a locked vehicle 15km away from the original place of disappearance. I battled to sell a property that was once well sort after. My home that always had a busy, pleasant and bustling feeling, became a cold, isolated and eerie place.
Day after day I would pray for God to lead me to the answer to my problems, and I believed that this would happen. After searching the internet for a year, for prayers against black magic, I came across Talal’s website where he tells what happened to him as a little boy.
The day Talal started the breaking of my black magic a calmness and a homely smell came over my house. That night and since, I slept soundly which I hadn’t done in years. The next day I noticed that the skin tone of my body had changed and was looking lighter and brighter. I feel like a heavy load had been lifted off me. I feel at peace, happy and hopeful. I am thankful that God has answered my prayer. I am so happy that I found Talal’s website and for the work that he does. Black magic is a terrible thing to have in one’s life, but God who is love provides an answer.
Thank you Talal and Kristen for your dedication, patience and truth. God Bless