It is always so rewarding to be a part of changing people’s lives. It is always heart breaking when anyone contacts us and after doing the free black magic check and learning that much of a person’s suffering was due to black magic. Thank you for the nice words and taking the time to write about your experience with Talal. These Testimonies we will always cherish. Thank you.

Canada, Male
I am grateful to have found an honest healer like Talal Zoabi using the internet, and contacting him, he confirmed I had a spiritual problem in a form of black magic. Talal was spot-on in his diagnosis, explaining how the black magic was affecting me and how he can help.
Talal had worked for two weeks, using positive, religious energy to break the black magic (genuine healers will NOT use magic to break magic). He mailed me some talismans and I had some instructions to follow. Talal was kind enough to include protection for our family in his work!
Kristen had been fantastic in answering the questions I had, and caring about my well-being. She would support me when I had concerns or needed guidance.
Now, I am feeling much better since Talal finished working with me, and I continue to see improvements in my health. I am more calm and much more satisfied. I have an improved positive ego, and most of all, I have regained my freewill – !
I cannot stress how thankful I am to have connected with such good-hearted people – who helped me in my hour of need. Thank You Talal & Kristen!

USA, Female
My life is now very different, since Talal performed the black magic break. When I contacted Talal and Kristen, I did not provide any information as to what was going on in my life, but he identified the two big issues in my mind. Before the break, I was just about to graduate from a prestigious graduate program but could not get an interview, my husband and I fought constantly, and I had health issues that always cropped up at the most inconvenient time. Now, I have gotten more interview requests than I can keep up with, my husband and I don’t fight all the time, and my health is back on track. Thank you.