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A Very Important Thank You to Understand.

Every day we have many, many people contacting Talal to do the free black magic check.  Most people that have contacted us have contacted other people and other websites in the past that claim to break black magic.  Unfortunately, with the statistics I have gathered from all of our clients,  people looking for help in this situation are very likely to be taken advantage of. Lots of times paying allot of money for nothing and many times Talal has found that the original black magic has gotten worse because someone tried to break the original black magic in a black magic way which is a very bad thing.  I received a message this morning from someone who had Talal check if they had black magic. I thought it was very important to share because it brought up the thought of how many people think they have black magic and they actually do not.  These people can go to the wrong people for help and then actually pay to have black magic put on themselves without knowing or just pay for nothing.  I thought I would share this message because sometimes I come across people that do not have black magic and are so convinced they do and they end up getting themselves in trouble. Or people that do have black magic and are convinced every life problem is from the black magic and won’t listen otherwise and actually have a medical condition they have been ignoring because they have gone to the doctor and the doctor said everything was fine.  Doctors are not always right and additional doctor opinions are important if you have had an ongoing problem and it is not related to black magic. Also, black magic can cause stress to someone making them have a medical condition which needs to be treated medically. To get back to my point, I am sharing this message I received this morning to give hope for those who have had their black magic check and Talal found they did not have black magic on them.

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“I know its a very late reply, but I just wanted to say how much I appreciated your honest and candid response.
When you are in tons of trouble, you just try to find the reason behind. Its like going to a doctor, the right diagnose is needed to find a cure. And I was hoping that black magic be the cause, so that it could be cured. After your response, I was again left clueless. But I have found other natural reasons which are affecting me. I’m continuing my battles…
Again.. thanks a bunch for your honest response. “

A Great Story From Canada. Thank you for taking the time to write your experience.

Thank you Talal Zoabi!!!!

I honestly do not know where to begin, I am speechless. We go through life bombarded by evil without really realizing it. I grew up in a healthy household, emotionally, mentally and physically, my parents taught us about our faith, and I always held it close to my heart, please bear in mind, I was born and raised in Canada. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that there was “black magic”, never heard of the term and never thought that people would actually do something like this, casting dark entities around someone, this was the farthest from my mind and obviously farthest from my faith.

I’ve always had everything, our parents worked very hard to establish a good life for us. Once of employment age (15), I began working part-time after school to make my own income, become independent of my parents and I have never ever been down and out. I got married at the age of 22, bought a house at age 26 and already had a first born by then, I had a great job with a good income. A year to two years into the marriage suddenly things started to go wrong. I lost my job, got divorced, lost my home, lost my son, lost my friends and immediate family. I moved to another province within Canada to begin a new life. During this journey, I had many “psychics” tell me that there is something blocking my path and that I should be quite wealthy at this time of my life. It is now 25 years later and looking back, these psychics were actually right, so many situations, when looking back, would start up and then suddenly falter, something would go wrong and it seemed like an endless cycle that would never ever change, at times, I felt I was spinning around and around without getting ahead and or anywhere.

Finally, I began to pray. I prayed so hard that it was emotional, I had a conversation with God and asked him to send someone to help, but not “Just Someone”.  I specifically asked for someone from the Holy Land. And, he sent Talal and Kirsten. Here is why I begin my testimonial by saying “I am speechless”. Talal looked into my situation and found that there was black magic done on me to have bad luck, have negative relationships, and become ill. Trust me when I say this, there are people in this world which practice black magic and wish others ill fate. I never thought this way, never ever in my wildest dreams! Along this path of life, I had come across people like this, but thought that they were crazy. In reality and as I have learned that this is like a religion, it is a faith that these people follow, practice and it is REAL!

Since working with Talal and Kirsten, I felt like a load of something is off of my shoulders, I reflected about my life, at times I felt so sad and at times, I felt relieved, that finally I have met someone with a true heart and has taken the time to understand my situation and to help me. When someone tells you to believe in miracles, believe in them because miracles are real, God answered my prayer. Therefore, I believe in miracles happening, Talal and Kirsten are real miracles from God. They are honest, they are not a scam. There is never a day since meeting them, that I do not pray for them to be protected. My life has changed and I know it will continue to become just as it was intended to be, full of peace and love, full of happiness, and full of prosperity. This was all taken away from me 25 years ago, and bless Talal for coming into my life to help. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Always and forever my friend, my brother, my mentor. I highly recommend that if you are experiencing anything to contact Talal and Kirsten, more people to know about this miracle and his gift.