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Firstly, I want to thank Talal and Kristen for saving my family and my life. This year had been an uphill battle between myself and my family.  I felt that my depression wasn’t normal. I experienced non-stop negative thoughts, suicide, low-esteem, and anti-social issues. Every day, I didn’t know why I hate people so much until the truth came out in August. The psychic specified that I had black magic during my spiritual reading. She wanted to charge me $1800.00 to have it removed. In addition, she wanted me participate in rituals and meditation for 21 days. In my intuition, I felt that she wasn’t the one to break my black magic.

At times, my husband and I will argue for no reason. Sometimes, we argued on how we plan our family events. One time I admitted that I wanted to be with someone else and wanted a divorce. Subconsciously, men will talk to me, ask me out or wanted to have a relationship with me. As a wife, it was hard to stop flirting and not to pursue further into other relationships. Almost, I cheated on my husband which I will regret later on. I felt like my soul was trapped in pain, like I didn’t have no soul or purpose in life.

There were other experiences such as a risk of job termination, emotional balance during menstrual periods, unclear vision (gray smoke) when I wake up, anxiety, excessive spending and isolation from the people that I love wholeheartedly. I wasn’t being myself which sucks the most. I experienced a termination in 2006, a layoff in 2009 and scrambling jobs between those times when the economy was in recession.

As I researched the website, I wanted to have second opinion about the cost of black magic. I was on vacation and found Talal’s website right away. I send an e-mail about a second opinion and confirm that I had black magic. Suddenly, Kristen responded back with ease. She was trustworthy and pleasant which grabbed my attention. In my heart, I felt like that this was my end mission to this black magic. She was straight to the point, I had black magic for 5-6 years which made sense and what type of magic that I was experiencing. In my life experience, not everyone is your friend. During my analysis, Talal charged $600.00 which was affordable compared to 1800.00. If the cost was 1800.00, I would have paid it because they were good people. Talal  didn’t charge for the life time protection for my family so we will never have to experience this evil nightmare again. When the spell was broke, I noticed that there was brightness in my family relationship with my husband, good recognition at my job and my soul living in peace. Without these two people, my life would have had ended. Yes, you pay a lot of money but this is a lifetime change for the better. At first, I thought there were not good people out in the world but there are good people despite of bad people. I love you guys.