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It is very upsetting to hear about these stories of fraud. I have heard many stories a just like this one where people are taken advantage of. Many of my poor clients were taken advantage of before they found me. Not just taken advantage of, but taken advantage of when they are already in need of serious help.  I am so happy he was caught! I don’t like to always post about negative things happening around the world, but it is a small part I can do to bring awareness to people.  Everyone needs to be smart when it comes to this subject, do not find yourself gullible.

Watch this video from Australia.

Fake Spiritual Healer Arrested

It’s good to see that they are still fighting for this.

Hopefully this will have a domino affect around the world. Black magic is very real and effects so many people lives in so many different ways.  There needs to be more awareness everywhere in the world. Read this article from The Gaurdian in India.

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PeteLinforth / Pixabay