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Watch out for this scammer and thief! Admin Vent!

Todays blog is to release some of my frustration. I often like to update the contents of Talal’s website to keep it fresh and interesting.  Also with the transition of the website from the old to the new google doesn’t like duplicate content so I have to reword some of the articles so the new website is much more search friendly.  In this process I found a special online tool that I can check for duplicated content on the web.  When I searched the web hoping to find that my duplicate content from the old site no longer existed, I found this thief who stole my content! Copied and pasted it right to their page. Claiming to be a spiritual healer.  If he was in  fact, he would have his own content to write. It frustrates me because I have spent months consulting with Talal to make sure the information on his website is accurate.  Also, this affects my search results in google not allowing people to find us as easily. Talal has sent this person an email demanding to take off their content or he will have to take further action.  The internet and google are a very complicated thing. I am just at the beginning of my search and hope I do not find more duplicated content stolen from my website. Take a look for yourself.  I am done venting now!

Here is Talal’s website content:

And here is what was stolen from us:

Scammers Website


Talal had a chance to look into your situation last night. Past Diagnosis’s

Past Diagnosis's screenshot

Talal had a chance to look into your situation last night. This is the beginning of the message I am responding to, from people all around the world everyday. It is unbelievable how much black magic has spread throughout this planet.  Although not everyone contacting Talal does have black magic, many of them do.  We have created a new page on Talal’s website to spread the word about black magic and to show how it ruins peoples lives.  Here you can read some of Talal’s responses to some of his clients.  Most people contacting Talal, are doing so because they can feel they might have symptoms of black magic and can relate to the list of symptoms Talal has posted on his website.  Names and certain info have been taken out of these emails to keep the clients completely confidential.  If you are interested to read what Talal has found in some of his past black magic checks visit or click here.